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This is a Priest?

on October 21, 2011
Fr Stan Fortuna

Image by sachman75 via Flickr

I heard this rap song that I liked and since I really don’t like rap, I had to go look it up.  I was quite shocked!  The artist is Father Stan Fortuna, a Franciscan Priest.  Catholic.  A Priest.  Rapping.  Check it out here.  I couldn’t decide whether to be awed or to laugh or to go out and buy the song.  I’m happy to see that the Church let’s even the Priests be who they are.


One response to “This is a Priest?

  1. One of the best parts of the Catholic church is the wide variety of our priests. They come from all different places and ways of life, so they are able to bring their personal relationship with Jesus to all of us. Music has alwas been a part of the church, so the evolution of music should naturally also be a part. I’ve heard some of his talks and his music and this priest is really wonderful for the youth in our church. Thanks for the post!

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