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All Things Saintly

on November 2, 2011

SaintsIt’s a busy day for me today, so just a short post for now.  As I mentioned in yesterday’s post on Halloween, November is the month to ponder our lives, the lives of the saints, heaven, purgatory and hell, and the second coming of Christ since it is the last month in the Liturgical Calendar. 

Just as October was the month of the Rosary and I focused on all things Rosary, this month I plan to focus on the saints and to learn about the traditions in the Church around the saints.  Here is a list of planned topics for posts and about when you can expect them:

  • Today, November 2:  What are feast days and days of obligation?  What is All Saints feast day and All Souls feast day?
  • November 7:  What is the Communion of Saints, and do Catholics worship the saints?
  • November 14:  How does the Church determine who are worthy of the title saint?  How does a person become a saint?
  • November 21:  What are Patron Saints and why do people take on the name of a saint when they enter into the Church?
  • November 28:  The start of Advent and a new series of posts

As always, I am open to comments, suggestions, topics, and questions.  Just leave a comment.  Enjoy!


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  1. […] the Saints and especially Jesus are great role models in making the will of the Father their own will. We […]

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