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FAQ on HHS Mandate

on January 30, 2012

Losing My Religion

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has released a FAQ on the HHS Mandate for Contraception/Sterilization Coverage being enforced on the public.  This two page FAQ is very informative and imparts information that I think is missing from most of the secular news articles.  While I don’t normally like to push political documents to people, this is something that I feel is important enough for people to know.

Some key questions and answers that I found very interesting are as follows.

Didn’t HHS include a religious exemption?

Yes, an incredibly narrow “religious employer” exemption that fails to protect many, perhaps most, religious employers. To be eligible an organization must meet four strict criteria, including the requirement that it both hire and serve primarily people of its own faith. Catholic schools and hospitals would have to eject their non-Catholic employees, students and patients, or purchase health coverage that violates their moral and religious teaching. Jesus and his apostles would not have been “religious enough” for the exemption, since they healed and served people of different faiths. The exemption provides no protection at all to sponsors and providers of health plans for the general public, to pro-life people who own businesses, or to individuals with a moral or religious objection to these procedures.

Isn’t this an aspect of the Administration’s drive for broader access to health care for all?

Whether or not it was intended that way, it has the opposite effect. People will not be free to keep the coverage they have now that respects their convictions. Organizations with many employees will have to violate their consciences or stop offering health benefits altogether. And resources needed to provide basic health care to the uninsured will be used instead to facilitate IUDs and Depo-Provera for those who already had ample coverage. This is a diversion away from universal health care.”

In short, pro-life institutions such as parishes, schools and charity organizations will have to a) let go of people of a different faith under their employment or care, b) violate the law and risk being shut down, c) violate their own conscious in order to appease the government, d) stop providing health insurance all together.  This amendment to the law is NOT in the best interest of the people.

Read the rest of the two-page FAQ here:


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