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Media Review: CHSS Ministry & eBible

on February 2, 2012

Another Word for Heaven

I must confess—I am a resource junky.  My profession as an engineer has fed this addiction, as there is nothing better to an engineer than a great resource.  In fact, an engineer is only as useful as his (or her ) resources.  Being a believer in the unseen (three cheers for God and electrons!), I search for all the  books, web pages, audio files, PDF’s and blogs out there that accurately explains and describes the truth.  

Of course, there isn’t a whole lot of fun in stock piling all these resources, knowledge and truth for myself, so I am compelled to share them with all my readers.  Previously, I shared with you the Catholic Underground Podcast and YouVersion Online Bible.  There are two resources I want to share with you in this post.  

The first resource is the Catholic Home Study Service (CHSS) ministry.  This ministry offers free courses in the Catholic Faith held by the Vincentian Community and the Religious Information Bureau of the Missouri Knights of Columbus.  The second resource is the eBible website provided by another blog author in response to the YouVersion post.  The eBible website provides a beautiful, simplistic way to read the an online bible without the possible distractions that the social networking  in the YouVersion website.

CHSS Ministry

Provided by

With its humble beginnings in 1935 and bringing the teachings of the Catholic Faith to isolated, small towns, CHSS Ministry offers a variety of courses through the internet and post mail.  The nine courses offer a range of subjects from surveys of the Catholic faith, the mass and the Catechism to the devotion to Mary, distinguishing features of Catholicism and an introduction to the books of the bible.

I discovered CHSS while looking for free online courses on apologetics.  I was slightly skeptic of the ministry– it really sounded too good to be true.  But I signed up for a course in the Catechism anyway.  As promised, seven weeks later, The Catechism Handbook came in the mail along with a booklet of questions and a website address where answers could be submitted.  I truly expected a self-published paper book, not a 111 page book that could be bought on Amazon for $9.95.  After all, this is a free ministry.

And all of the courses are open to anyone and everyone, free of charge.  Once you finish one course, you are able to sign up for another.  

Access the CHSS Ministry website here.

eBible Website

The eBible website was recommended to me by therightwritehaven blog owner in response to my review of the YouVersion website.  The eBible website provides a beautiful, simplistic solution for being able to access your own bible where ever there is an internet connection.  It provides an interface for highlighting and saving notes on verses, daily plans to guide a person through portions, subjects or the entire bible in a certain amount of time, and has an extensive number of bible versions.  Therightwritehaven says this about it:

“With its profound simplicity, is definitely a must-use website for all Christians around the world wanting eliminate distractions while reading the Word of God. All 66 books of the Bible in 23 different languages – plus useful add-ons such as reading plans, highlighting and bookmarking – makes it one of the best bible services you can find online.”

Access the eBible website here.

Have a media that you love to use? I would be glad to review it and provide a post on it with you and your website attributed to it. Just send me an email at or post in the comments section below.


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