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Media Review: LibriVox

on February 9, 2012

From Microsoft OfficeI love to read. Or at least I used to, before I started my job, as it pretty well taps me out and I haven’t enjoyed reading a good book in a while. This does not mean however that I do not enjoy good books anymore. Enter: Librivox. Founded in 2005, LibriVox is an online library of free audio books. How is it possible? Volunteers read books that are in the public domain then submit the recordings back to LibriVox and LibriVox makes them available either through direct download on the website or through iTunes. Currently, LibriVox has 4560 books in its domain.


I really enjoy listening to audio books, and since this is primarily a Catholic Christian blog, a media review would be hardly useful if I do not offer it in light of faith. There are four kinds of books I retrieve from LibriVox. The first kind is hardly religious in nature such as The Return of Dr. Fu-Manchu, a mystery novel much like Sherlock Holmes. The second kind is writings of the Saints and the Fathers of the church such as Saint Thomas Aquinas. The third kind is religious writings by lay people. I have come to truly enjoy G. K. Chesterton and was pleased to find an audio book on the life of my patron saint, Elizabeth Seton. Lastly, I listen to recordings of the bible while I do chores and whatnot. The extent of books in the public domain is quite amazing. I hope that you find something enjoyable on it as well.

Click here to visit LibriVox.

Click here to download iTunes.

Have a media that you love to use? I would be glad to review it and provide a post on it with you and your website attributed to it. Just send me an email at pamalogist (at) gmail (dot) com or post in the comments section below.

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