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Lessons on Powerful Prayer from St. Scholastica

on February 10, 2012

St. Scholastica, detail of the St. Lucas altar...

There is a story of two twins, St. Scholastica (whose feast day is today) and St. Benedict of Nursia. St. Scholastica being a nun and St. Benedict a monk, they would customarily see each other once a year, during which time the two of them would pray and sing praises together and discuss heavenly matters.

One year, St. Scholastica asked her brother to stay the night with her so that they could continue their discussions and prayer, but the brother was very devout and would not stay a single night outside of the monastery. This distressed her, so she immediately folded her hands and laid her head on them, praying hard to the Lord. As she looked up to heaven, lightning flashed across the once clear sky and as the tears fell from her face, great rain droplets pounded on the roof of the house. The storm that the Lord granted on behalf of Scholastica was so great, that neither Benedict nor the monks with him dared to set foot outside.

This displeased Benedict. “God forgive you, what have you done?” he cried to her. St. Scholastica replied, “I made my request of you, and you would not listen. So I made my request of God and he granted it!” So St. Benedict stayed with St. Scholastica through the night and when the storm cleared in the morning, he returned to his monastery. Three days later, St. Scholastica died.

Taken from Dialogues, Life and Miracles of St. Benedict, Book II by Gregory the Great. [2]

Five Lessons from St. Scholastica

  1. St. Scholastica was born around the year 480 in Italy to a noble family. Her mother died in childbirth leaving her and her twin brother to the care of their father. [1]
  2. Even from a young age, she was as devouted to Jesus as she was to her brother. [2]
  3. Around the same time that St. Benedict founded the Benedictine order, St. Scholastica founded a convent nearby. She is considered the first Benedictine nun as her convent was under the direction of her brother. [2]
  4. When she died in 543, her brother saw her soul fly to heaven like a dove, and he had her body buried in his own tomb. It is thought that when St. Benedict died, he was buried in the same tomb so that their bodies as well as their souls would be together. [1, 2]
  5. St. Scholastica is the patron saint of against rain and storms, of Monte Casino where her tomb is, and of nuns and convulsive children. [1, 2]


[1] Saint Scholastica,, available online (2-10-12)

[2] Saint Scholastica, Saint Benedict website, available online (2-10-12)


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