Growing Apologist

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And Its Back!

on September 7, 2012

Pocket Apologetics Kit

It’s been almost a year.  A year of wandering, poking around, searching, brainstorming, trying this, trying that, reading, digging, asking how, how, how… How do I become an apologist?

I know what an apologist does—they defend the faith.  They answer the tough questions, speak up for the Church, and help people determine what is true to the faith and what is not.  They know the theology, the doctrine, the traditions, the history not only of the faith they defend but of other faiths too.

The skills of an apologist is many—ability to debate and reason with love, to remember scripture and writings of other great figures, the desire to learn and understand and the motivation to put their mind to use.

My problem is how do I become an apologist?  Where do I start?  There are so many different subjects and areas of interest.  Taking a stab in the dark, I started this blog, for I figured that I needed to start somewhere.  But the more I dug into it, the more lost I became in the wealth of information out there and suddenly I was rudderless.  I faded away from the blog as I searched

Thanks be to God, I might (MIGHT!) have found a rudder and better yet, a direction to go in.  I had searched for a long time for advice on where to go, for hints of a direction to start in, and finally found one at Catholic Answers (or should I say, it found me).  I just happened to flip to the end of a book that I received from Catholic Answers for free when I signed up for their magazine during a promotion, and there it was—advice on where to start to become an apologist.

20030926 - Simpsons - Homer Simpson - Rubik's ...So true to the name of this blog, I am back on the path of a Growing Apologist (for now anyways until something else distracts me—ooo, shiny book *distracted*).  The advice really made me desire to smack my forehead and mimic Homer Simpson (D’Oh!), but it is what it is and I am delighted to share it with you!

Paraphrased and adapted from The Survival Guide for Catholic by Catholic Answers, I present to you the new direction of this lovely blog.  I look forward to sharing my journey with you.  Enjoy!

Step 1:  Read through the gospels.  First six times, don’t worry about details, just get very familiar with the story.

Step 2:  After reading the gospels at least twice, read the book of Acts.

Step 3:  Read the rest of the New Testament.

Step 4:  Read the Catholic Catechism cover to cover.

Step 5:  Read the Old Testament.

At this Point, you should be intimately familiar with the gospels, very familiar with the New Testament, good base in the Catholic Catechism, and aware of the Old Testament.

Step 6:  Start delving into the differences between the Catholic faith and other Christian faiths.  Try to understand why the Church teaches what it does and why the other faiths diverted.

Step 7:  Begin to understand the common objections to Christianity and to the Catholic faith.  Read the accusations and responses of the ‘Professionals’ in the faiths.  Take note of how the arguments are made, what parts of scripture and tradition is used to defend.

Step 8:  Rudderless again!  OH NO!

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