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Where Better to Start?

on September 12, 2012

Here I am, on the path of growing apologetic’s– which is nothing like growing pains I hope– and I thought to myself, Self where better to start than the bible.  Or more appropriately, Catholic Answers pointed me in that direction, but that is hardly the point.  The point is that I’ve done a series of posts on the Rosary, Communion of Saints, Advent, and Prayer.  But I have not yet done one on the bible.  It is very prudent that my first series of posts since a long batch of silence would be on the thing that has been giving Christians hope and inspiration and teaching for a very long time.  Just how long?

Well, I don’t know how long.  I’m willing to guess two thousand years but there is a lot of opportunity for growth in this subject matter.  I find it fitting that my journey has brought me back to the bible.  In my teen years, it was because of the bible that I stopped believing in God.  And when I came back to Christianity, I was pretty sure that I wouldn’t ever believe that the bible was real.  After all it was proof that God wasn’t all loving (I didn’t know that he is all loving, all merciful, but also the supreme justice– don’t repent and you will get what you asked for).

So, after seven years of officially being a Christian, I figure its time that I know more about the book of God’s Word.

You my reader may know the answer posed– just how old is the bible– But in case you don’t tune in for answers to this and more.  If you have a particularly troubling questions about the bible, ask!

  • Week 1:  Who authored the bible and how long ago?
  • Week 2:  Why are there inconsistencies between the Gospels?
  • Week 3: There are so many different versions of the bible– how come and which is valid?
  • Week 4:  What!  Catholics have more books in their bible?!

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