Growing Apologist

Becoming a Defender of Truth


About Me

I am a twenty-four year old woman with a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering.  I work for a consulting/design engineering company for power grid system.  I love to run, create music with my french horn or guitar, play video games and card games and board games (except for Balderdash–ugh!), and to learn.  I am a born again christian, at first Mormon then Protestant, and finally Catholic.  I seek to understand and to know.  While in my pride I would like to say I know a whole lot about religion and God, but the fact is I truly know very little.  In the last month, my faith has been changing, reforming, growing.  Excitedly, I would discuss great topics with my boyfriend and at last he suggested that I become an apologist.  I said, a what?  I am hardly an apologist, but I am on a journey of becoming a better Christian and am excited to share with any who will listen.

About This Blog

Anything without a purpose and a goal has no direction and is like a boat at sea with no rudder.  While I like to babble, it should be noted that the main purpose of this blog is to reflect Christ in my life, words and actions, and to ponder on Christianity.  The plan is to post at least one to two times a week.  I am open to topics and to questions.  Thank you for reading!


19 responses to “About

  1. Kim Slater says:

    I hope your journey leads you to amazing places! It’s amazing the power God has to work in our lives… to be made better just by trusting! It’s wonderful! Blessings to you!

  2. I am on a new journey in faith as well! I am very excited to read your blog. =)

  3. Paul & Jan says:

    You are on an incredible life journey & we are pleased to be able to grow our faith as well. The 1/2 marathon was tough but also great fun as you reported.. 🙂 Your blog is terrific, Pamster! Your friends, Paul & Jan

  4. jetshadez66 says:

    Oh yeah…I’m following you!

    • Pamalogist says:

      Woot! I’m following your blog as well (though I think you know that ;)). You are a runner?

      • jetshadez66 says:

        I am a runner! Just got ‘serious’ with it a while back. I love it. When I run I feel God right next to me along each corner and corn field. Question: How’d you get the ‘Rate This’ function for each post?

      • Pamalogist says:

        Hi Jetshadez, I thought that you were a runner, something on your blog made me think so. I just started running again about five months ago. It is a good way to connect with God. I was just on your blog recently– looks like you have the Rate function figured out. If not, let me know. 🙂 Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you, this darn test is keeping me busy.

      • jetshadez66 says:

        I did get the Rate function up and running. Gotta love point and click methods…lol! I live more on the computer then any decent soul should. It’s ok…haha!

  5. Thank you for following me. I am very much looking forward to reading more from you. We are the same age, and while different have a very similar goal. My fiancé and I both have thought of pursuing theology degrees and becoming apologists and maybe even speakers. I think we are lucky to have found each other. I will pray for you during your journey.

    • Pamalogist says:

      Of course! My blog might have mislead you some Dominoe. I have a degree in Electrical Engineering and not theology, however my faith has been changing so rapidly in the last few months that I have grown this desire to know more about not only Catholicism but about Christ and how other religions also seek Christ. Some of this is driven out of respect for my family who follow different strands of Christianity and some of it is because I want to understand my boyfriend’s faith better (he is a Catholic from birth). I am excited to read about your life and your fiance on your blog. Thank you for the prayers, and I will pray for both of you as well.

  6. Thank you Pamalogist for subscribing to Ricklee’s Poetry Plus Blog. I hope you continue to grow with me as I grow with you as we share our work with the world. May God continue to bless you with love and grace. Ricklee

  7. I want to be an apologist too! Thanks for following!

    • Pamalogist says:

      It is amazing that one so young has chosen such a path. A lot of times it takes people a lot longer to figure out what path to be on, much less to decide to be a defender of that path. Perhaps you and I can figure out how to be an apologist together by keeping track of each other’s blog. 🙂 Thank you for following me back.

  8. lesliesholly says:

    Thanks for following me! I enjoyed your cell phone post–I plead guilty as well to being too plugged in. Looking forward to reading more.

  9. Chris says:

    Wow awesome blog! I’m a Catholic electrical engineering student interested in power myself! haha!

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