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Status Update: October 18, 2011

It’s been one week since the start of this blog!  Hurray!  I am quite pleased.  I wanted to have a more rigorous and scientific, faithful pondering posted today, but after working 25-30 hours on a bloody electrical engineering test, I’m fried.  Instead, I thought I would give a status update.  J

This Last Week
Over the week, I’ve had many introductory posts.  The main post was titled Ave Maria! and will be the focus for the upcoming week.

You can expect…
By tomorrow (Wednesday) I should have the first post for the Rosary up.  This post will cover what the Rosary is and is not.  By Friday, I plan to have the second post on the history of the Rosary.  For side posts, there will be a piece on Mary, on St. Dominic (probably), and on the difference between Marian and Christocentric worship.  Of course, I will still be posting random stuff as it relates to my life (PUMPKIN CARVING YAY!).
Thanks for reading and as always, feel free to offer suggestions, questions or conversations.

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