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Another Word for Heaven

I must confess—I am a resource junky.  My profession as an engineer has fed this addiction, as there is nothing better to an engineer than a great resource.  In fact, an engineer is only as useful as his (or her ) resources.  Being a believer in the unseen (three cheers for God and electrons!), I search for all the  books, web pages, audio files, PDF’s and blogs out there that accurately explains and describes the truth.   Read the rest of this entry »

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A Mathematician is to an Engineer…

… as a Theologian is to an Apologist

Square root of x formula. Symbol of mathematics.

This is an interesting thought. As an engineer, I’ve always thought the mathematicians are a little crazy.  I’m sure that the mathematicians think the same of the engineers.  But I digress already, before I have even begun.

In simplifying terms, a mathematicians world is A + B = C.  An engineers world is 1 + 2 = 3.  The mathematician is not only to learn the math, but to research it, expand on it, advance the knowledge.  They think in letters instead of numbers and in abstract thoughts.  An engineer needs to know the math as well, but they learn it as a tool not as the end itself.  They learn the math in order to apply it.

The Bible

So what in the world do mathematicians and engineers have to do with theologians and apologists?  What an excellent question.  My first impulse– theologians are kind of crazy.  Oh wait, digressing again.  It seems to me that the theologian is similar to the mathematician, in that they not only learn the theology, but research, expands, and advances it, and possibly even thinks in abstract thoughts.  And the apologist?  Well I think you know where I am going with this.  Let’s just say, I’m becoming more and more fond of apologists all the time.

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Ahh, the Joys of Procrastination

I must confess– I’m an avid procrastinator.  I practice this hobby all the time.  I even compare methods as I’m deciding how to put off all dreaded tasks that require my attention.  Let’s see, do I pretend to just forget this time?  Perhaps I will think about it and say, I really really need to get this done– but right now is not convenient.  First thing tomorrow, I will do it.  Or come up with an excuse of why it can’t be done– But I have friends coming over this weekend!  Never mind that I’m just inviting them now, they are coming and that leaves no time for other things!

Ahh, my great friend, procrastination.  My most recent (okay maybe not recent, but definitely long time standing) procrastination is this blasted graduate course that I am in at the insistence of my boss (okay, another confession, I volunteered to take it).  So this class started back in January and it was suppose to end in May, but I got a really long extension on it, promising myself that I would get it done in July.  Then August… September………

But dear friend, Procrastinator, you are such a bad influence on me.  We cannot be friends anymore!  I must grow up!  Again.  This time its for good.  No slipping back– I will finish this graduate course!

I have a long weekend ahead of me.  For once, I am not excited for the end of the work week.  This evening, I start my take home midterm that I will have until Monday evening to complete.  72 hours of joyful mind boggling questions, banging my head against a brick wall, exhaustive watching and re-watching of lectures…… Maybe it can wait until next weekend…

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